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What you must know before buying health insurance or setting up a group plan. To find out visit our health insurance resources page. Need to know what you must have (besides money) to successfully manage your finances and plan for the future? To find out visit our wealth management page.  Want to know the importance of risk management? We’ve got a place for that too.

Very few websites offer what we provide in one place. Take the time to look around at our sidebars to check out the latest business and health news. You can get a free quote for health insurance at our real deal health plans website.

Filson Associates is an alliance of experts in California for health insurance, life insurance, and financial planning for small businesses, families, and individuals. Our advisors are fully licensed and represent nationally known companies. Imagine our health care coverage and wealth skillfully managed so that we can focus on our families and professions. After all, what could be more basic than protected health and protected wealth. And when we have that protection, life becomes an ocean breeze.

You wouldn’t drive your car for years on end without ever looking under the hood, would you? If you haven’t taken stock of where you are lately, then how do you know where you are going? Our advisors offer free consultations to help you find affordable health coverage and astute financial management.

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